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Kismayo University was established in August 2005. The University is situated in the Southern City of Kismayo, Jubbaland in the Republic of Somalia, and 500 Km South of Mogadishu along the Kismayo-Mogadishu Road.

About us

Kismaayo university estabished 2005

Kismayo University is located in Kismayo City, (500 Kms South of Mogadishu) along the Kismayo – Mogadishu Road, the regional capital city of lower Jubba region. The University has currently four campuses, two in the city centre and the other two in the outskirts of the city. The head quarter of the university which contains new structures and (shall is the main campus) is situated at three (3) kilometers away from Kismayo City, along the shores of the Indian Ocean. The construction of the main campus of the University was realized with the assistance of the Islamic Development Bank.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of KU is to advance and cultivate lifetime learning in search of knowledge in an environment of support, guidance, free-inquiry and expression.


The Vission of the Kismayo University is to become a leading centre of higher learning in Africa.


Our Mission is to provide sound, quality and accessible university Knowledge, skills, and values through effective and efficient teaching, research and community service.

Core Values

Kismayo Univerity’s core values are Integrity, Diversity, Access, Responsibility & Excellence in higher education.

Kismayo University

We provide opportunities to succeed

Welcome to Kismayo University, a dynamic institution committed to shaping the future through education, innovation, and community engagement.

Why we are the best

Exceptional Learning

Join a community where expert instructors bring their passion and expertise to every class, ensuring an enriching and intellectually stimulating learning experience.

Expert Lecturers

Elevate your learning experience with our distinguished faculty of expert lecturers who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world insights to the classroom,

Tailored Programs for Success

Experience education designed with your success in mind. Our programs are carefully crafted to meet industry demands, offering a pathway to professional excellence.

Our expert Leaders

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Wali Abdi


Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdi

Admin & Finance

Mr. Abshir Abdullahi Mohamud

Academic Affairs

Abdi Mohamed Salad

Finance Officer

Eng. Abdiaziz Mohamed Sahal

Exam Director

Abdirahman Mohamud Kulmiye

Admission Officer

Eng. Mohamed Saqawe Aweys

Dean of FOCS

Mr. Abdirahman Abdirisaq Roble

Dean of FEMS

Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed

Dean of FOS

Dr. Usama Mohamed Abdi

Dean of FHMS

Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud

Director of KIRCD