Kismayo Institute of Research and Community Development

Welcome to Kismayo Institute of Research and Community Development, where innovation meets impact, and knowledge transforms communities, At Kismayo Institute, we are pioneers in the pursuit of excellence, committed to fostering positive change through cutting-edge research and dedicated community development initiatives. Our mission is to be a beacon of knowledge, guiding the way towards a brighter and more sustainable future for Kismayo and beyond.


KISMAYO institute for research and community development (KIRCD) is non-for-profit Institute which has been established in Kismayo, the Lower Jubba Region in 2009.

The institute is the first of its kind opened in Jubbaland state of Somalia.

The institute, as its name implies, has contributed to the development of the community, especially for Somali students who have not received a high school education, which has enabled them to access universities.

The institute focuses on making it easier for students to get an education that suits their academic level, and based on this, the institute has set up an education department that builds students who do not have the opportunity to complete high school which is two years, and the graduate can enter Kismayo University and other universities in the country.

In addition, high school preparatory students take non-secondary courses such as computer science, business education and public health, which enable students to choose their preferred faculties in which to study.

The institute operates at convenient times for both working and busy people.

The institute also offers short and long courses for university students to improve their academic performance, and the institute has provided these students with professional lecturers at the University of Kismayo, with extensive teaching experience.


1- Social work diploma 

2- midwifery diploma

3- Nursing diploma  

4- Laboratory diploma

5- Accounting and finance

6- Information technology

7- Project management

8- Human resource management

9- English language

10- Arabic language


Our vision is to eradicate ignorance and increase the knowledge of Somali students


Kismayo Institute of Research and Community Development involves in community development programs. The institute is active in researching the social development programs that are helpful for the development of the society.

The institute prepares capacity building programs for non-skilled labour and semi-skilled people.

Pacifying, conflict solution and rehabilitation seminaries are part of the KIRCD’s mission


1-To offer effective teaching-learning to students.

2-To provide the knowledge and skills to students so that they are recognized globally as well as become socially responsible.

3-To have regional consideration with regards to local needs, relevance, strength, limitations and the community services.

4- To develop attitude, competence and core skills, essential to teaching learning process among the student teachers.


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