Admission Requirements at Kismayo University

Our admission requirements are designed to identify and support individuals who are passionate about learning, growth, and making a positive impact. Seize the opportunity to join a vibrant and diverse community dedicated to academic excellence, innovation, and holistic development.


1- Entrance requirements will be as set out by Senate from time to time, in accordance with
Ministry of Education.
2- A candidate must satisfy any one of the following minimum entry requirements to be admitted into an undergraduate degree programme of the University:
a) A holder of secondary (or equivalent) certificate with a minimum aggregate of C+ and a minimum of C in both Mathematics and English where applicable, or
b) A holder of an A-level certificate from a recognized examining body with a minimum of two principal passes and one subsidiary;
c) A holder of diploma/Higher National Diploma or equivalent with at least a pass in a relevant discipline from an institution recognized by the Senate of the University, or
d) A holder of a Diploma from Teachers Training Colleges or equivalent;
e) A holder of any other qualification accepted by the Senate of the University as equivalent to or superior to any of the above.
3- Candidates who hold post-Secondary qualifications under 2 (c) to (e) above may, with recommendations from the School Board, be exempted from some course units’ subject to meeting the exemption criteria set by the Senate. In addition, a candidate registered in another university recognized by the Senate may be allowed to transfer credit to a programme of the University subject to meeting the conditions set by the Senate. The maximum number of courses to be exempted or given credit transfer shall not exceed 49% of the total required course units for the whole programme; provided that such have credit transfers have been obtained by passing the courses at the Grade of B and above.


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