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The faculty of Computer Studies of Kismayo University was established in 2014 to meet the need and cover the evolution of computer studies in Jubbaland State and Somalia as whole.

The faculty offers four years of bachelor degree in computer studies. Also, the faculty offers short courses in information technology and provides consultant services for the national companies.

The faculty is the first of its kind opened in Jubbaland state of Somalia.

The Computer Studies (Bachelor of Computer Studies BCS) We have full-time and weekend faculty members and recruit new faculty every year. BCS is committed to excellence in teaching and providing students with professional guidance and advice. We emphasize quality in education which includes solid theoretical foundations and the latest technological developments. 

Faculty of Computer Studies is responsible for academic activities which include teaching, Computer practicing, and consulting for students.


Since we realize how much impact computer technology has in our daily lives and how it is the driving force of today’s economy. It plays a central role in the most innovative and significant developments in medicine, Nursing, the social sciences, education, business, and sharea. As the advancements in the area of information technology have increased dramatically, the university decided to create the new IT faculty.

The Faculty of Computer Studies, Kismayo University was established in 2014. The Faculty provides a degree program leading to a Bachelors of Computer Studies (BCS). 

The BCS Department also offers a variety of service courses for Summer time, including a number of programming language courses as an introductory computing course and a computer technology and math course.  These programs are constantly being updated in order to reflect current research in the field, to satisfy curriculum recommendations by the Kismayo University and to remain up to date with changes in technology. All programs emphasize a combination of theory and practice. The curriculum enables students to gain the knowledge and background needed to further their professional and academic growth and to develop skills which will allow them to contribute meaningfully as computer scientists and information science professionals. 


The goal of Bachelor Computer Studies BCS Department is to create for students whose major interest is the general study of computer science rather than the focus on a particular application area. These programs provide students with a broad education in traditional computer science concepts including algorithms, software engineering, computer architecture, information processing techniques, programming languages, data structures, operating systems, networks, artificial intelligence, and image processing.

Students learn theory as well as the methodologies and techniques used in the development of computer systems. The goal is to prepare our students for employment or for graduate study in a masters or Ph.D. program in computer science. Graduates may be employed in the software industry, in computer centers, government, industry, or any organization that uses computers for research or production purposes in Somalia or elsewhere. 

Faculty’s Mission and Objectives


The degree of BCS equips students with the understanding of how computers work the knowledge of their capabilities, and the ability to anticipate and meet the technological demands.


  1. 1-Expand access to global learning and knowledge. 
  2. 2-Meet local demand in education, training and professional courses through Computer science Institute programs. 
  3. 3-Provide standard education based on information communication technology. 
  4. 4-Provide online courses that could enhance and complete existing courses. 
  5. 5-Enable institutional capability to contribute to the development of the community and the country. 
  6. 6-Link with other international online universities and use digital libraries. 
  7. 7-Facilitate delivery of additional learning programs to undergraduates.
  8. 8-Acquire other international organizations collaboration with Kismayo University after witnessing the success completion of this project.


Department of Information Technology

Prepare for a future where technology is at the heart of innovation. Join the Department of Information Technology at Kismayo University, where we empower students to become tech leaders, problem solvers, and contributors to the digital transformation of the world.


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